Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Professional Complainer Strikes Again

Richard Warman is suing Ezra Levant as well as several other known Conservative bloggers. Their "crime" - exposing Warman's dirty deeds, such as posting provocative messages on websites against which he then filed his "human rights" complaints, let alone using the HRCs to silence anyone Warman doesn't agree with. Warman believes exposing those facts about him is libelous and defamatory.
Today I was sued by Richard Warman, Canada’s most prolific – and profitable – user of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. As readers of this site know, Warman isn’t just a happy customer of section 13 and its 100% conviction rate, he’s a former CHRC employee, an investigator of section 13 thought crimes himself. In fact, he was often both a customer and an investigator at the same time.
Warman’s not just suing me. He’s suing some of the biggest names in the Canadian blogosphere – from Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals to Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury (or, Five Feet of Furry, as the lawsuit says on page 2), to Free Dominion, the largest conservative chat site in Canada. Warman’s goal is breathtaking in its chutzpah: he wants to muzzle the Canadian conservative Internet. It’s not just his goal – it’s the goal of the CHRC itself, and its friends at the Canadian Jewish Congress, who have stated their goal is to “tame” the Internet – or at least those voices they disagree with. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the CJC was bankrolling Warman’s lawsuit – they’ve done joint legal work together before, and Warman’s number one defender is on the CJC’s legal committee. The CJC hates conservatives, and this would be a way for them to do damage to the conservative blogosphere without taking the political flak for it.
I guess, me and other bloggers have already said enough about Warman and his campaign against freedom of speech on the internet. All I can add to it is this:

"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it." -- Abraham Lincoln.

P.S. Looks like we've got some good news too. As SoCon or Bust reports, Ontario HRC has decided not to proceed with complaints filed against Maclean’s magazine related to its publication of an article “The future belongs to Islam.”, stating that Ontario Human Rights Code does not give the Commission the jurisdiction to deal with the content of magazine articles through its complaint process.

Does this mean that Mark Steyn is off the hook? Not really. Judging from the comments posted on SoCon Or Bust, this merely removes Ontario HRC off the case. But with a few more active complaints still pending in other HRCs, it doesn't leave Mark Steyn off the hook just yet.

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