Friday, April 25, 2008

Shire Network News Podcast Advocates Free Speech in Canada

From Shire Network News website:
Our interview this week is with Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals and Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury, two of the Canadian bloggers being sued by former Human Rights Commission employee Richard Warman.

Richard Warman has been caught out by several Canadian websites using Canada's human rights machinery to make claims and collect money based on inciteful speech posted on websites.

Speech which sometimes was posted by...Richard Warman, using various pseudonyms.
Other defendants named in that law suit are Ezra Levant and Free Dominion.

As far as I understand, that's already a second law suit filed by Warman against Free Dominion. At first he didn't like that some FD posters called him a censorship champion. Now he's upset that FD and its supporters dared to investigate his activities and shed some light on the provocative tricks he used in his "human rights" complaints...

By the way, dont forget to check the previous podcast (podcast #125) as well. It too gives out lots of great information about Orwellian "human rights" commissions and about the professional complainer and agent provocateur Richard Warman who apparently believes he has the right to be immune from criticism.

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