Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too Cold For "Global Warming" Nonsense

At least that's the way it was in Western Canada where Lenin's birthday "Earth day" celebrations (ones that are focused on the notion of "global warming") were wrecked by a... cold snap. As the No Apologies reports, the event in Edmonton was only attended by a handful of people, so all 40 exhibitors managed to crowd their wares into a single tent in Hawrelak Park. The "global warming" scare sure lacks credibility when it's below zero in late April...
Indeed, one of the reasons "global warming" morphed into "climate change," beginning a couple of years ago, was so any weather extreme could be interpreted as an omen of impending doom.

Despite the claims of the likes of Al Gore and David Suzuki, the planet has not warned appreciably since 1998, itself the warmest or second-warmest year on record. Eight of the last 10 years have not been the hottest in history.

Indeed, if you use 1998 as the base year, the Earth has cooled in the last decade. Even if you use 2002 as Year Zero, there has been no discernable warming. We have entered a "temperature plateau" so far this decade. Even Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, grudgingly had to admit as much a couple of months ago.
Climate change - that has been around all the time. The "Little Ice Age" that drove the vikings out of Greenland is a great example. Don't tell me that too was man-made.

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