Saturday, January 3, 2009

Born Alive And Well — Despite Fatal Diagnosis

The doctor suggested that the baby would be terminally ill and recommended "immediate termination". His deadly prescription was wrong. And so was his diagnosis.
Gaynor Purdy was warned her first child could have a fatal chromosome defect and a life threatening heart condition.

But she rejected two suggestions to terminate the pregnancy and she and her husband Lee are celebrating life with their "perfect" ten-month-old son.

Mrs Purdy, 28, a quality control inspector, said: "We refused to give up on him, and decided throughout the pregnancy that as long as he was fighting, we would continue fighting with him."
Mrs Purdy added: "Doctors told us he was a little miracle baby. They said his heart must have been mending itself.

"Last year we were still on a knife edge thinking things would go wrong. But now he's out of the woods we are delighted that 2009 will be Kai's year."
Eugenic abortions are justified by many. Many believe that a child better be dead than miserable. But let's not forget - when a doctor prescribes abortion, he's handing down a death sentence a baby. And, unlike judicial death penalty, every such conviction is a wrongful conviction. Because every baby, regardless of his health conditions, has a right to live - just like every one of us.

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