Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's "Diversity" OR "Tolerance". NOT Both.

This conversation proves it - diversity excludes tolerance. Unless of course you're one of those who believe that tolerance is one way street; that we must be tolerant towards others but it's ok for others not to be tolerant towards us.
Notice one of the policemen saying "Everything was fine until you guys came over on this side". Oh, really? I wonder where he was just days ago when Saudi-funded Islamic extremists were rallying on the streets of Canadian cities, including Toronto? Didn't he notice them? Or maybe he did, but found them to be just "fine"? (And what about this display of "free expression"? Does it also pass as "everything's fine"?)

And - would it be ok for me to say that everything was fine until these jihadi fanatics started coming to my country in tens of thousands?

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