Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Brunswick Government Refuses To Give In To Abortionist

The provincial government is appealing the court ruling which allows Morgentaler to represent women seeking public funding for abortions on demand. Just as the province's lawyer has stated, the conflict of interest is obvious: Morgentaler is the owner of the abortuary in Fredericton. (The only private abortion facility in New Brunswick.) If the province is forced to subsidize abortions on demand - he'll be the one getting all the cash. (Unless of course New Brunswick lawmakers show real leadership and use the non-withstanding clause.)
"It is about payment, not whether you can have an abortion. It's about who pays when you do," she said.

The Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton has been open since 1994, but women getting abortions there must pay for it themselves.

The province will only pay for abortions that are approved in writing by two doctors and are done at an approved hospital.
In fact, the province's funding restrictions have been watered down to such extent that as much as 40% of all abortions now pass as "medically necessary" and therefore - they are paid for by the province. That however is still not enough for the radical pro-aborts like Morgentaler & Co. They want this wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn babies to be 100% taxpayer-funded.

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Simon said...

Any provincial government who takes on the serial murderer Henry Morgentaler gets my respect.

It says a LOT about the moral bankruptcy of Canadian "women's groups" that they CONTINUE to argue for the "right to murder" unborn human beings in the face of increasing medical evidence supporting the OTHER side/perspective.

Then again, I remember reading a research study that proved a STRONG link between how attractive Cdn. women find a man being related to the size of his wallet.

When it comes to "modern women", I think we know what we're talking about. We're not even haggling over price, we're haggling over how CHEAP they are.