Friday, January 9, 2009

Support Shire Network News

In case you're still unfamiliar with Shire Network News - it's an unashamedly straight talking political podcast which does not shy away from the truth that mainstream media won't cover. It covers the effect of the blogosphere on the news with more than a hint of ironic humour, defending the Anglosphere through satire.

Now, Shire Network News needs our support:
In other developments, just as we've decided to raise funds for a major revamp of the podcast, including a marketing campaign, e-mail list, guest appearances on other people's podcasts and radio shows and a custom-designed website; the company which hosts the podcast, Blogmatrix, has announced it is closing down at the end of the month!

It's a real shame, because Blogmatrix have hosted SNN since it's inception more than three years ago, and they've always provided exemplary service. I'd like to thank David Jane, the CEO, for his assistance and advice over the years.

But this of course means SNN will have to look for another home, and quickly too.
So far SNN has already raised $450 out of a total goal of $1250 (US). If you value a media outlet which doesn't resemble the Soviet "Pravda" newspaper - please consider pitching in.

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Doug said...

Thanks so much for giving us a pitch on your blog. We really do appreciate it.