Tuesday, February 10, 2009

C-351: An Act To End Abortion In Canada

No, it's not a new private member bill. It's a new initiative to get the churches involved in a 24/7 prayer siege to end abortion. The "C" stands for "Church" and "351" represents the number of churches sought to join the siege. (Check out Psalm 35:1)
We are asking 351 churches to adopt the 24/7 Prayer Siege to end abortion as one of the ministries incorporated into the life of their church by 1) encouraging their members to sign up for a weekly 15 min. prayer time 2) considering hosting weekly prayer meetings for the ending of abortion in Canada 3) educating their congregations regarding the life issue in Canada (through teaching or giving access to life resources, like the bound4life.ca site). This is not a political issue. This is about the heart of God. Contact us at admin@bound4life.ca to get on board.
Also, don't forget about the upcoming 40 Days For Life vigil. It's just 2 weeks away.

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