Thursday, February 5, 2009

Right To Life Should Come First

Let this article be the answer to all those who suggest that we should forget about social issues and concentrate on fiscal policies, such as keeping the taxes low, balancing the budget and so forth:
"In fact, how we resolve abortion and other fundamental moral issues will largely determine the character of our nation and our ability to contend successfully with external and internal threats to our nation," said the archbishop. "How we settle the abortion issue will determine if we choose to be a nation of self-indulgence, willing to pay any price, even the deaths of our own children, for our insatiable pursuit for pleasure or a nation who will sacrifice heroically to protect and provide for the weakest and most vulnerable."
Would any of us consider voting for a pro-slavery party if they promised us the fiscal policy of our dreams? So why should it be different when it comes to a pro-abortion party? Settling for tax cuts and turning a blind eye on the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn babies is as immoral as settling for tax cuts financed by profits from slave labor.

And if that argument is not convincing enough, remember this: Fiscal policies have always been derived from politicians' views on social issues. We've seen more than enough politicians who may consider themselves "fiscally responsible", but who would never cut funding to abortions on demand even if the alternative is raising taxes or going into deficit. So don't expect a politician who doesn't believe in personal responsibility (to such extent that he considers killing a child to cover up irresponsible behavior - acceptable) to give you a "fiscally responsible" budget. One who disregards the rights of unborn babies can not be trusted to respect our rights.

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