Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Sacrifice Of Love

The nature of man is intrinsically ordered to create and to sustain. This paternal drive, of course, is tangibly reflected in the relationship of marriage. In marriage, man has essentially two roles: first, to focus his attention and sacrifice in serving his wife and, second, to join with her in participating in God’s creation by the raising of their children. If man’s drive is directed towards these goals, his marriage and the society around him flourish into a healthy and prosperous civilization of love. Through his sacrifice of love, his service to his family magnify God’s paternal care for his creation and provide the necessary blueprint for generations to follow.

By showing his complete and total abandonment to his wife and his children, he becomes, what is by today’s standards, a radical man. He becomes a revolutionary against a self-serving and narcissistic culture which seems bent on its own destruction. His self-sacrifice is a repudiation of its values. He is the figurehead of new Christian counter-culture - a living and growing culture which is at war with its decadent sibling.
Great article from the SoCon Or Bust blog. Worth reading - especially on Valentine's day.

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deBeauxOs said...

There is no "more". That link goes to Socon.

I found the selection a fairly faithful description of my father. He loved, supported and respected my mother, me, my sisters, in the way described in the text.

As he became more aware of the loathsome suppression of information the Catholic Church exerted, its insistence that priests who had abused girls and boys entrusted to them did not have to apologize and its hypocrisy and desperate maneuvers to hold on to its wealth, he stopped attending Mass.

Clean up your own religious institution before you start preaching about good to those who do good, who believe in a just God and live by the words of Jesus' Gospel.

I imagine that you will not allow this comment on your blog.