Friday, February 20, 2009

Saskatchewan MP Comments On "Human Rights" Commissions

Here's a great comment by Brad Trost, MP for Saskatoon - Humboldt:
This leads me to wonder what other greetings could be stopped because of fear of the Human Rights Commission and their thought police mentality.

Merry Christmas would probably have to be banned (people who don’t celebrate Christmas would be hurt), bless you (after a sneeze) could be considered an intrusion into someone’s personal beliefs. Perhaps even Happy Birthday could be banned because it promotes ageism by reminding people of their age.

As ridiculous as my suggestions are, the arbitrary exercise of power by our Human Rights Commissions is a serious matter. People are being harassed over trivial issues. If Canadians cannot exchange simple greetings without incurring the wrath of power hungry bureaucrats, we need to change the human rights legislation. Canada’s Human Rights Commissions do not protect the rights of most Canadians. I for one think if major reforms cannot be accomplished, we need to consider abolishing these parodies of justice.
It's great to see that the debate over freedom of speech is making its way into the House of Commons. With the resolution to repeal section 13.1 receiving near-unanimous support at the Conservative Party Convention, I'm looking forward for a government bill to be introduced if not this spring then sometime during the fall session. And, once the bill is introduced - we'll only need the support of 11 opposition MPs and 11 opposition Senators to get it passed.

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