Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saving The Planet — For Whom?

At first, radical environmentalists wanted us to have one less child. Now some of them are going even further:
In the U.S., Steven Kotler thinks this is no time to get hung up on details. The planet is going to hell. So what’s the big picture? The rooty-tootiest root cause of all?

Answer: motherhood and apple pie. If we didn’t have so much motherhood, we wouldn’t have all these people eating apple pies, manufactured in a plant in Guangdong and then shipped on some massive floating carbon footprint all the way to Price Chopper in Cedar Rapids. Motherhood is the root cause. As Mr. Kotler says:

“You don’t need to ask what you need to do for the world. You already know.

“Stop having children. It’s that easy.”

It really is! So he’s calling for a five-year moratorium on having children, planet-wide. The Soviets had five-year plans but Mr. Kotler wants a five-year ban—“because a billion less people is a great place to start.” Key word: “start.” Experts agree that the carrying capacity for the planet is about two billion people. Actually, they don’t agree: some of the earthier-than-thou eco-types say it’s only 300 million. But Mr. Kotler doesn’t want to sound like an extremist or anything, so he’s starting with that best-case scenario. If the planet’s carrying capacity is two billion tops, we need to unload a good 4½ billion. And, while no one outside of Dutch hospitals is arguing for compulsory euthanasia (yet), not adding to the total would be “a great place to start.”
Meanwhile yet another group of scientists has come up with a report that disputes human cause for global warming. But try telling that to those eco-freaks who regard humanity as "cancer of the earth", to all those for whom environmentalism is no longer preserving the environment for the next generation, but eliminating the next generation altogether.

So if it's not for the next generation, then whom are we supposed to "save the planet" for? Some environmental fanatics naively believe that convincing the Western society to abort, contracept and euthanize itself out of existence would save the planet for the polar bears and the spotted owls. Mark Steyn has a dose of reality for them.

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