Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring In The Climate Patrol?

That's what Frank Caplan from St. Catharines proposes for our cities:
Despite all the attempts to get the message circulated widely, several of my neighbours did not participate in Earth Day. I wouldn't accuse them of deliberately doing this. I guess they just forgot.

Perhaps we need to have neighbourhood wardens, like the air-raid wardens we had during World War II, who knocked on doors to remind offenders to shut off their lights.
Sounds like that ill-famous Liberal attack ad from the 2006 election campaign, about Stephen Harper willing to deploy troops in Canadian cities. Yeah, if you bring in those climate patrols - don't forget to send some of them to knock at Al Gore's door. Because you see, our chief alarmist just happened to be one of those forgetful fellows. Or maybe it just took him too long to go through all those rooms and turn off the lights everywhere...

Meanwhile, it looks like New Brunswick wasn't the only place where people had to shovel 4 inches of global warming today. (Now that's where those green neighborhood wardens would be quite handy.) In fact, it was even more than 4 inches today in Moncton. And, barring a sudden heat wave, it seems like we'll have snow in April - for a third year in a row...

But the debate is over, isn't it? And the science is settled: Unless we act in 99 months 24 days 7 hours and 34 minutes, the planet is doomed, the polar ice caps will melt, Charlottetown and Saint John will go under water and those few survivors on Fredericton Island and Moncton Archipelago will be growing pineapples in February.
This streak of leftist authoritarianism manifests itself most noticeably in the debate over AGW. Stifling debate by threatening to try as criminals people who disagree with them, declaring an end to the scientific method by saying that the debate about AGW is "over," spreading lies about skeptics by positing the notion that they are all being paid by oil and coal companies, attempting to ruin the careers of scientists who disagree with them, and seeking to censor scientific studies that challenge AGW orthodoxy -- all point to a desire by AGW advocates to control minds by not allowing any dissent.
Another article, quoted by Tim on The Black Kettle blog, suggests that the public opinion is shifting and that the bogeymen of the C02 hoax is losing ground. I sure hope so. After all, how many April snow storms (at the 46th Parallel) does it take to realize that something isn't right with all that "global warming" scare?

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