Friday, March 13, 2009

Mom Did A Great Job, Now Let The Public School Ruin It

It sounds crazy, but that seems to be the logic of the North Carolina Judge Ned Mangum who's in charge of the case:
A North Carolina judge has ordered three children to attend public schools this fall because the homeschooling their mother has provided over the last four years needs to be "challenged."

The children, however, have tested above their grade levels – by as much as two years.

The decision is raising eyebrows among homeschooling families, and one friend of the mother has launched a website to publicize the issue.
Mangum said he made the determination on his guiding principle, "What's in the best interest of the minor children," and conceded it was putting his judgment in place of the mother's.
So where did he see the best interest of the children? If they are a couple years ahead of other kids in studies, if they are well taken care of and well behaved - why would the judge even consider it necessary to intervene?

The judge claims that "public schooling would be a good complement". How could it be a complement if those kids are already well ahead of the rest of the kids their age?! What could there be that he believes the kids are missing? Peer pressure? Or maybe - sex education and all those other courses in "world religions" and "social justice" in which kids would be taught to despise their culture, their country's history, let alone - the social and moral values of their parents? Judging from Mangum's remarks that the children's beliefs, as taught by their mother, need to be "challenged" - that's apparently exactly what he wanted those kids to go through.

To make things worse, the time is running out:
The truth is that the deadline for any objections to his verbal orders is Sunday, March 15th. Even then, Venessa Mills will not have the opportunity to go before the judge. Objections must be submitted in writing so the judge can make his decision behind the scenes.

Use this link to automatically send faxes RIGHT NOW to the Judicial Standards Commission, the Governor, and state representatives! (This is an independent site and it makes a small charge to send the faxes.)

Judge Mangum needs to do the right thing and remove himself from this case. The Governor needs to do the right thing and intervene.

As far as we know, there is NO APPEAL to temporary orders in these circumstances. By the time the opportunity comes around to bring this back before a judge, these children will already be placed in public school. And that judge will probably be Judge Mangum, unless action is taken to see that Venessa Mills has a fair hearing and at least a chance for justice.
I hope you don't mind spending $0.90US to help a persecuted homeschooling family.

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