Thursday, March 19, 2009

Multi-Cult — Nurturing An Enemy Within?

Powerful Islamic groups detest the countries they call home - that's how Michael Coren summarizes his Toronto Sun article:
"Allah has cursed you and you will suffer you scum," chanted one heavily bearded young man.

Another group held signs mocking dead British soldiers, even though they knew that the families of the fallen were in the crowd. When one supporter of the soldiers lost his temper and shouted at the Muslim protestors, he was arrested by the police.

If this were an isolated incident it could be dismissed as absurd enthusiasm. Luton, however, is home to several Muslim men charged with terrorism-related crimes and the town itself is replicated all over the country. All over France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and elsewhere as well. Powerful and influential groups within the Islamic community feel no connection with the country of their birth and instead detest all for which it stands.

It is entirely understandable when immigrant groups maintain their language, recall the achievements of their home nation or band together out of solidarity. This tends to dilute and largely disappear over time. Identification with places of parental origin also is completely natural. But second and third generation immigrants violently supporting regimes with which their adopted states are at war and calling for death and defeat for the country that gives them so much is a totally different issue and is unprecedented in modern history.
Interesting, isn't it? A man who shouts back at raving jihadis gets arrested and charged with "racially aggravated harassment, involving verbal abuse". But Muslim protesters are apparently immune to prosecution. (Sure, how could a member of a visible minority group and supposedly - a victim of racism, be a racist himself?) Hmm... I wonder what would have happened to an ethnic German (or Italian or Japanese) living in Britain (or Canada or US for that matter) had he behaved like that during a homecoming parade in 1945?

In his article, Michael Coren mentioned several European countries that have significant population of jihadi Muslims who detest the nations that try to accommodate them. Unfortunately, that also applies to Canada. We have Said Namouh, a Moroccan with a Canadian permanent residence visa who entertains himself by creating videos of charred bodies of Canadian soldiers being dragged through the street in celebration and who just happens to have some ties to a terrorist group which kidnaps journalists. And then of course we have Omar Khadr, a "Canadian" and a "child soldier" in the eyes of our lefties, but in reality - a jihadi combatant who has no other ties to Canada except having been born here. And we have plenty of others which the media won't mention - because nobody wants to be branded a racist and an "islamophobe".

So that's what multi-cult looks like, some 40 plus years after its inception. Not merely more pavilions at folk-fest, as people used to picture it back then, but significant amount of population which detests their adoptive country and which is determined to build its own nation within a nation. Luckily, there are still immigrants who get it. There are still people who don't want Canada to resemble the countries they had to leave:
Naveed Khan
March 17th 2009, 1:35pm

I am a muslim born and raised in Pakistan now living in Calgary...Coren story is an eye opener..What worry me more while living in Karachi, Pakistan, people are generally liberal..However when they move to Canada or any other western country they become more conservative and "Religous" than back home. I visited Village Square Library in North East quadrant of the Calgary for my exam preparation and have seen 8 year old girls from Islamic school visiting Library, wearing scarf...I know Islam and I was born and raised in Islamic society but an 8 year old muslim girl wearing a scarf is sacry for me..These days are for her to play...She has a long way to go before becoming adult...Let treat her as a child...
Ed Wesselius
March 18th 2009, 9:31pm

Once again Mr. Coren has accurately identified what is indeed happening not only in England, but also here in Canada. And we the people are allowing it to happen, it's an example of "political correctness run amok". I was born in a European country and have proudly accepted Canada as my home. Canada is a great country because of immigration and we've become that way because of the diversity of people that have immigrated here and have become proud, contributing Canadians. But the recent wave of immigrants seem to want to destroy and challenge all of those accomplishments. I think it's time these people were told "like it or leave". I'm tired of political correctness and tolerating the most intolerable people I've ever met!!

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