Monday, March 16, 2009

Trespassing... On Their Own Campus?!

That's what six pro-life students from the University of Calgary are being accused of.
CALGARY, AB, March 16, 2009 ( - The six University of Calgary students who were charged by the university with trespassing on their own campus after they participated in a pro-life event last year, were scheduled to appear in court this morning where they intended to enter a "not guilty" plea.

Last November, CPL exhibited a graphic abortion display on campus, the sixth time that the group had done so. While at several past exhibits the university acknowledged the students' rights to express themselves, last year U of C administration told the students they had to change how they exhibited their signs, pointing them inwards so that passersby could not see the display.

The students refused, however, arguing that the demand was akin to telling someone they could speak as long as no one could hear them. They erected their controversial display, facing outwards, and the university made good on its threats to charge them with trespass.
Well, at least their case is being heard in the court of law, where truth is a defense and where hurt feelings are not the factor. Let the U of C jackboots suffer the embarrassment they deserve. If the judges haven't yet completely parted with common sense, they'll acknowledge that students can't really trespass on their own campus. (Unless those students are expelled or suspended - which wasn't the case for any of them.)

Meanwhile the students plan to set up the display on campus again next week, March 25 and 26, continuing with their established practice of engaging their fellow peers in debate each semester.

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