Monday, April 13, 2009

40 Days For Life Vigil Bursts The Bubble Zone

Here's another report - from Edmonton. Vigil keepers must walk by faith, not by sight, praying on the other side of the street, as the so called "bubble zone" law won't allow them to get any closer, let alone - approaching the women who get in. But even that makes the abortion facility owners worried:
In Edmonton, participants kept peaceful vigil 12 hours a day at the Women’s Health Options abortion clinic.

While it’s unknown whether her prayers and peaceful vigil at the former Morgentaler clinic prevented any abortions, she’s certain that the campaign has brought awareness to the pro-life cause.

“It’s made an impact on the area. A woman from around here didn’t know what this was. She thought it was just a women’s clinic. She didn’t know abortions were done here,” said MacLellan.

Police were called after some of the people keeping vigil spoke to the patients entering the clinic, which is not allowed.

Janet MacLellan
“We aren’t supposed to talk to the women who are going in there at all. They have a bubble zone. We are not allowed on the other side of the street,” said MacLellan, praying outside of the Back Porch, directly across the street.

That clinic staff are worried about the pro-life vigil in itself shows that the event had an impact, she said. ”When they go in there, they always turn and look at us. The staff always checks to see how many people are here.”
Notice the Orwellian name - abortion mill that slaughters babies and traumatizes mothers is called "women's health options". The anti-life crowd uses misleading names and unjust laws just to prevent the truth about their cherished procedure from being told. Sure, they can silence people one by one. But they can't silence truth and common sense.

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