Friday, April 10, 2009

40 Days For Life Vigil - Hundreds Of Babies Saved

Pro-life advocates reported that they have saved 398 babies from abortion during a recent nationwide campaign.

During the 40 Days of Life Campaign, which ran Feb. 25 to April 5, pro-life supporters prayed and fasted to end abortion. In the fourth run of the campaign, participants also held prayer vigils and local demonstrations outside abortion centers in 135 cities across the country, Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland.

The figure from the latest 40 Days of Life effort brings the total number of babies saved from abortion to 1,517.
The title says - 389 babies. According to the article - it's 398. And while I was trying to figure out which number is right, the 40 Days For Life homepage came up with what looks like a final tally - 422 babies saved.

From what I understand, this appears to be the first campaign during Lent - and people were there despite the snow and the freezing rain, doing whatever is in their power to change hearts and save lives. Next 40 Days For Life Vigil is planned for September 23 to November 1st. Hopefully, there will be a vigil site in Atlantic Canada that time.

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