Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weren't Those Doctors Supposed To Protect Life?

Here's another story of a baby that could have been slaughtered in the womb because of a wrong diagnosis:
Baby Deacon Lewis is a lively, healthy baby who sleeps right through the night and is a joy to his proud parents.

But Deacon, who is now six months old, was almost aborted after doctors told his mother he almost certainly suffered from a chromosome disorder that would eventually kill him.

Dawn Lewis, 26, says she was advised to have an abortion when a routine 12-week scan showed her child had Edward's syndrome.
But Miss Lewis, a childminder, refused to have an abortion and decided to seek a second opinion on her baby's condition.
Baby Deacon definitely should thank his lucky stars that his parents actually took the time to seek a second opinion. And - that in the end it turned out that he didn't have the Edward's syndrome. Because if he had - well, we all know the common attitude... Had the fatal diagnosis been confirmed, baby Deacon might not have lived to see daylight.

Now, the baby's mother is filing an official complaint over the severe distress caused by the diagnostic error:
Miss Lewis, who has a six-year-old daughter Ayla, said: 'Many people would have taken the doctors' advice and never have known they had aborted a healthy child.
It wasn't that long ago when the Hippocratic Oath compelled the doctors to protect every life and to reject abortion. Nowadays, abortion is something that the doctors actually recommend, often - quite aggressively; claiming that if the baby is handicapped - his life is not worthy of living, without bothering to verify their deadly diagnosis.

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