Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Faith Hope Died Peacefully In Her Mother's Arms

She was diagnosed with anencephaly and the doctors argued that she had 0% chance of survival. (Not even 1% - zero.) Baby Faith Hope lived 93 days. She died peacefully in her mother's arms yesterday afternoon.
The best 93 days of my life... were spent with my daughter. Faith went to Heaven today. We spent the entire morning and some of the afternoon snuggling together in my warm bed. I told her that I loved her many times. I was holding her in my arms when she passed away. It was around 4:40 in the afternoon. I had just finished changing her diaper and I decided to pick her up and wrap a blanket around her. She made a very sweet smiling face and held it for several seconds... I thought it was very cute. I waited for her to take her next breath, but she didn't.
Baby Faith Hope couldn't see, but she could hear; she might not understand the words at that age, but voice of a loving mother needs no translation. Her life was short, but she was surrounded with love and care. She died peacefully in her mother's arms - unlike so many other unborn boys and girls, handicapped and perfectly healthy, who end up being dismembered and thrown in the trash can - just because others believe it's "for their own good".

Rest in peace, baby Faith Hope Walker.

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