Monday, May 18, 2009

Evils Of Theocratic Secular Humanism Must Be Exposed

Under the guise of preaching tolerance and inclusiveness, militant secular humanists force their philosophy and moral order as the only one which has the right to exist.

In our schools:
Last September, Quebec's new "Ethics and Religious Culture" (ERC) course became mandatory for all elementary and secondary schools in the province, including private Catholic, Jewish and Evangelical schools.

The provincial Education Ministry has steadfastly insisted that no child or school may be exempted from the new course, even if a school offers to teach the same contents as the ERC course but present the contents in a different manner.
In our colleges and universities:
Recent news out of the University of Calgary shows how ugly is the secular humanist philosophy when it inadvertently reveals itself.

The Pro-Life Club on campus had always been allowed to display a graphic picture of an aborted fetus, which is its protected right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Not so anymore!
To the secular humanist, it seems, tolerance is only given to viewpoints to which they ascribe. This is clear evidence of the totalitarian attitude of ardent secular humanists.
Or in politics:
CALGARY — A bill that has raised the spectre of Alberta parents hauling teachers before human rights tribunals is an offensive attempt to placate ultra right-wing conservatives, says the man whose legal crusade forced the province to rewrite its human rights legislation.

This weekend, Alberta's teachers slammed proposed new rules that would give parents sweeping rights to pull kids from classes on touchy subjects, and be notified in advance when lessons focus on religion, sexuality or sexual orientation.
Obviously, they won't agree with us when we call them "theocratic". But their actions speak for themselves.
Secular Humanists evade this accusation by claiming to be morally neutral, by claiming to represent all people of good will, regardless of their personal beliefs. This is false and dishonest yet even many humanists seem to believe their own propaganda. Hence they see absolutely no contradiction in their militant attempts to impose their own humanist “theocracy” on Canada while condemning Christian influence on Canada’s public square.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Secular Humanism is rising in America as well - Herb London calls it the rise of a new national religion.

Anonymous said...

I just finished two excellent tomes on the these themes ...
Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" & Steve Milloy's "Green Hell"
Steve also has the website
Two books that should be one everyone's must read list.
It sure opened my eyes - and I thought I was pretty up on things.

Anonymous said...

and speaking of big gov't "pork" - is there a chance it could get the swine flu?