Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feminists Organize A "March For Death" In Winnipeg

Looks like the pro-aborts are running out of ideas if they can't think of anything better than countering our March for Life with their own... march for death? Picket for abortion?

Winnipeg Free Press calls it a demonstration for "free, safe and legal abortion" and a "national day of action for 'reproductive choice'". But since that "choice" usually involves taking away a baby's life, (not to mention that abortion and reproduction don't go along quite well,) I guess the "march for death" would do just fine.
The event is organized by M.s. Citizenship Feminist Collective, which maintain that crisis pregnancy centres often misinform women about abortion. The group says it is still difficult for women outside of Winnipeg to access abortions, since only one clinic and two out of 52 hospitals in the province perform the procedure.
To fully mirror our strategy of targeting abortion facilities, the pro-aborts are planning to picket the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Suzanne, the author of the Big Blue Wave blog, wonders what's the rationale behind this:
How does picketing a CPC improve abortion access?

And are they protesting that Crisis Pregnancy Centres disagree with their *opinions* on abortion?

You know, it makes sense for pro-lifers to picket abortion clinics because they believe that human beings are being killed.

But what interest do feminists have in foisting themselves onto Crisis Pregnancy Centres? They're upset that their ideology is being debunked and that women are using these resources rather than Planned Parenthood?
Well, the answer is simple: Pregnancy Centers are driving down abortion business. By educating women about abortions, by raising awareness of the health risks associated with abortions, by informing women about emotional consequences of abortions (and providing post-abortion counseling for those who didn't want to listen at first,) the Crisis Pregnancy Centers effectively reduce demand for abortions. And when the demand goes down - guess what happens to the supply. That's what the pro-aborts are afraid of.

And another thing: Interestingly enough, WFP refers to the tragic anniversary as a pro-abortion day of action, but forgets to mention the National March for Life, a pro-life event which commemorates the revocation of personhood for the unborn babies. Neither does it mention the provincial March for Life in Winnipeg, that will take place on the same day as the feminist pro-abortion picket. Unless this article is a paid announcement by the picket organizers, you can see how fair, balanced and impartial our mainstream media is.


Youth said...

pro choice is not always pro abortion, it simply means that every woman should have a choice as to what she should do with her body. it was very difficult to read your blog post because i know where you're coming from. i went to a catholic school for six years and was at the forfront of the pro life movement by the time i finished. it was only recently that i was able to come to terms with the fact that i am one man, and just because i have beliefs of my own doesn't mean i should dictate how others conduct their lives let alone force my opnion on them. i chose to live by example and only give answers when questions are asked genuinely. you radicalize them, but you are only radicalizing yourself in their eyes. you take the speck out of their eyes but fail to remove the log from yours.

Leonard said...

I agree - pro choice is not always pro abortion. But the very fact that those radical feminist groups have chosen to picket not the local Right to Life headquarters, but the Crisis Pregnancy Center (which merely educates women about other choices beside abortion,) clearly shows that for those groups, "pro-choice" means "pro-abortion" and nothing but.

Again, I agree with you that every woman should have a choice as to what she should do with her body. But a baby's body in the womb - that's not her body. That's her baby's body. Therefore, a decision to destroy that tiny body in the womb goes way beyond personal choice.

Finally, in the rest of your comment you were talking about your opinions and beliefs that you decided not to force on others. Good for you. But I'm not talking about beliefs. I'm talking about facts.

Fact: Baby's heart starts beating 18 days after conception. (That's 18 days, not weeks!)

Fact: 7-8 weeks after conception, the baby already has his fingers and toes formed with unique fingerprints engraved.

Fact: Brain waves could be detected just 10 weeks after conception. That's also when a baby can feel pain and recognize voices.

Fact: Destroy that and you're destroying a human being. About 100,000 of them end up being destroyed in Canada each year.

If you choose to overlook that - that's your choice. But then - be faithful to your principle not to force your personal beliefs on others and don't tell me that I should turn a blind eye to this wholesale slaughter on demand of innocent unborn babies.