Friday, May 22, 2009

Fetal Rights Debate — A New Approach

Welcome another reinforcement for the pro-life movement. A new B.C.-based group called Signal Hill is trying a new approach to promote fetal rights:
The fast-growing organization intends to help Canada reconsider its acceptance of abortion. Signal Hill's strategy is to put aside impassioned political and moral arguments in favour of service, education and compassion. You might say the group is aiming, not for Canadians' minds, but for their hearts. And Manning couldn't be more pleased.

This past month has seen some fairly significant abortion-related events. A Gallup poll in the U. S. found that, for the first time since the company started asking the question, the majority of Americans considered themselves pro-life. The news came at the same time as controversy was building over Notre Dame's awarding of an honorary degree to President Barack Obama; protesters said a Catholic university should not be honouring a pro-abortion President. Subsequently, anti-abortion hecklers interrupted Obama's keynote address at the Catholic institution.

Naturally enough, things weren't quite so dramatic in Canada. There was a smattering of stories about the 40th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada, and also some coverage of the national March for Life in Ottawa on May 14. Some of the smaller provincial marches received coverage as well.

If anything, the fact that abortion is still in the news is a repudiation of Jean Chretien's remark of nine years ago: "We have social peace with that [abortion] at this moment."...
Appealing to hearts instead of minds? Good idea. But it doesn't mean we should drop the political and moral arguments. Let's tackle the issue from both ends.

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