Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pro-Abort Activists Pressure NB Health Minister To Resign

A twitter alert calls on poor-choicers who live in New Brunswick to phone NB Health Minister Mike Murphy and demand him to resign. His "transgressions" in the eyes of pro-abort jackboots include: speaking at the New Brunswick March for Life rally, publicly acknowledging a medical fact that life begins at conception and stating that his pro-life views make him not entirely comfortable with the provincial regulations which qualify hundreds of abortions on demand for provincial funding under pretence of being "medically necessary".

Even though Mike Murphy later stated that he has no plans to fix the province's watered-down rules and to restrict "medically necessary" clause only to the life-threatening situations, those pro-abort jackboots tolerate no dissent. In their opinion, Mike Murphy may have a right to express pro-life opinion only if he resigns. So they pressure him to do just that.

Let's counterbalance this pressure. Please consider sending (or e-mailing or faxing) a letter of support to Mike Murphy. Let him know that his courage to speak up for the unborn babies is appreciated and that as a Minister of Health, he's done the right thing when he stated a medical fact that life begins at conception. Also, I hope that now, once he has nothing to lose, Mr Murphy actually considers reviewing the abortion regulations and making sure that "medically necessary" clause applies only to the medical emergencies.

And another thing: maybe we too should put the health ministers under scrutiny? After all where are the Health Ministers of the remaining 9 provinces and 3 territories, not to mention the Federal one? Why didn't they attend the March for Life in their provinces (or the National March for Life in Ottawa)? We've heard the New Brunswick Health Minister saying that life begins at conception. What about his colleagues from all other jurisdictions? Why are they silent on the issue? And if they are afraid to state a basic medical fact - what kind of Health Ministers are they?!


Julie Culshaw said...

Thanks for this, Leonard, I will email him a note of my support right away.

Julie Culshaw said...

Leonard, can you check the email? it got returned, as server cannot be found.

Leonard said...

The only e-mail address that's available to me is the one on the official contact page for the Ministry of Health.

If the address doesn't work, try one the two addresses below. Or - just print out your note and mail it to the department using regular mail.

You can also try contacting Mr. Murphy through his constituency office; they have a direct e-mail address there.