Saturday, May 16, 2009

SoCon Advise To The Conservative Party

Great article by John Pacheco:
Yesterday, 12,000 Canadians showed up on Parliament Hill in the rain and strong wind. They represent millions of Canadians across this country who are ready and willing to work for, donate to, and vote for a Party and a leader who will give them a ray of hope on this issue. And yet, the Party which is supposed to be protecting our traditions as Canadians and protecting our way of life is, in point of fact, destroying our country by destroying our future, the unborn children of this country. We’ve been mortgaging our future for the sake of a false freedom, but as with all bad mortgages, the time to pay up is quickly approaching.

If the Conservative Party wants a chance at staying in power, it had better start distinguishing itself from the Liberal Party on fiscal and social issues. For once, Canadians want a clear choice. We want an ideological choice, not a pragmatic one.

Scrap the “Michael Ignatieff spent a lot of time in the US” card, guys, and get real. Start playing the game on our turf:

1. Pass the Unborn Victims of Crime Bill.

2. Scrap the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

3. Cut significant income taxes for families.

If the Conservative Party of Canada wants to stay in power, it should start acting like a Conservative Party. They should be the Party of natural justice and Canadian families.
Well said. It's time for the Conservative party execs to realize that they can no longer count on the "progressive", "centrist", "fis-con Liberal" voters. Most of those who turned their back on Dion are now back in the Liberal ranks, and the Liberals are back to their post-2004 support level which is around 35%.

Which makes sense: why would any of them vote "Liberal Lite" when they can have the real deal? The Liberals now have a pragmatic, fiscally responsible, yet socially "progressive" Michael Ignatieff; and they'd rather support their own leader, than give Stephen Harper (whom they still remember as an old-time Alberta Reformer) another chance.

At the same time - there are over 10,000,000 (ten million) registered voters who didn't bother to cast their ballot in the past election. Among them - millions of Conservatives who aren't sure if they are still welcome in a party that was once built on a solid Reform/Alliance foundation, but that acts more and more like the old Mulroney PC nowadays. If the Conservative party makes an effort to win back some of their old Reform/Alliance base, so that next time they actually go out and vote - it will boost the Conservative share of vote and dilute that of the opposition parties.

But to achieve that, the Stephen Harper and his Conservative party must become leaders rather than followers. They must be the ones seizing the initiative on fiscal and social policies. The three items mentioned by John Pacheco: the Unborn Victims of Crime Act, protection for the freedom of speech and broad-based tax cuts for families - that would be a great start.

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