Thursday, June 25, 2009

Euthanasia: "Right" To Die May Become A Duty

At first euthanasia supporters used such arguments as personal choice and personal autonomy to explain why it should be legal. Now, some of them don't even bother to hide their intention to make euthanasia mandatory for those, whose lives in their prospective are uworthy of living:
Last year Baroness Warnock - Britain’s high panjandrum of medical ethics and “Britain’s leading moral philosopher,” according to imbeciles who wouldn’t know a moral principle if it bit them in the kiester - made news by publicly stating that old, broken-down Brits were “wasting the resources of the National Health Service.” These patients, according to the former headmistress (aren’t you glad you didn’t send your child to her school?), have a duty to die. And if they’re too out of touch to realize that, she said, others should be “licensed to put people down.”

Which leads us to Bob Beckle, Clinton apologist and manager of the Walter Mondale presidential campaign, which carried one state out of 50. Talking about the crying need for a massive government health care system, Beckle remarked that too much time and money is being spent keeping alive those persons whose best years are behind them and who have nothing to contribute anymore. The talk show’s host, self-identified “Catholic” Bill Cunningham, didn’t disagree with him. I think we may take his silence as consent.

But they aren’t alone anymore. Various health care “reformers” are questioning the wisdom and cost-effectiveness of providing extended care for Alzheimer’s patients. The poor old things cost a lot of money and they’re no good for anything, so why keep them alive? Think of all the money that could be saved by snuffing them out.
Here in Canada, the situation isn't any better. We've already seen a Manitoba hospital trying to deny basic care to 84 year-old Samuel Golubchuk to "allow him to die". And we have a law suit, launched by parents against a hospital in Quebec for not following through with their plans to dehydrate their disabled newborn baby girl to death.

As the population keeps aging, there will be more politicians, judges and other high-profile figures believing that some people just "live too long". And, unless we the people take a stand and make it clear that such views are unacceptable, there will be more in the governing elite supporting the notion of putting a limit to those lives "unworthy" of living; secretly at first, then - openly...

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