Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Right To Peaceful Protests For Pro-Lifers

The Supreme Court of Canada decides "not to hear" the case of Donald David Spratt against the "bubble zone" laws, which ban protests (on public property) outside of the abortion facilities. Once again, pro-lifers are less equal than others:
Unions are allowed to protest in front of factories. So-called anti-poverty groups are allowed to protest, even if their demonstrations often erupt in violence. Environmentalists, homosexuals, Tamils and all other minority groups are allowed freedom of speech anywhere, and rightly so, but pro-life citizens are treated as second class.
Sure, they're not against our right to peacefully protest; by no means. It's just they wish we had our protests someplace where we couldn't be seen. Because they know: a pro-life protest, no matter how peaceful, sends a message, against which the pro-aborts just have no arguments.

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