Friday, July 24, 2009

Abortion Never Was, And Never Will Be, A Pretty Sight

Show The Truth has brought the true image of the murderous "choice" to a few Southern Ontario cities. And, as always, some residents are upset with the graphic pictures of aborted unborn babies; they claim those images are disturbing and inappropriate for children. Well, how appropriate is it to turn a blind eye on a procedure that makes preborn babies look like they've been through a meat grinder?
Connell said she understands why parents would be upset with the images, “but parents often have their own issues with abortion and use their children as an excuse to get angry,” she said.

“Most children we see in the back of cars are not paying attention. With older children, parents should be able to explain what abortion is. A pro-choice parent would have a lot harder time with that than a pro-life parent would.”
On July 12, Matters blogged about the group’s arrival in Burlington on Halton Prolife’s website. She wrote: “Abortion never was, and never will be, a pretty sight. Surgical abortion always involves the dismemberment of a fully-formed, tiny human being who has legs and arms and whose heartbeat has been present since three weeks after conception … on the busy streets of Burlington today, the general public will have the opportunity to see the awful truth of abortion. It will invoke strong emotions and some viewers will want to accuse the messenger of making them feel uncomfortable.”
What's that saying about liking sausage and watching it being made? Sure, many find this approach controversial. I've seen a few commenters saying that they support the pro-life cause, but they don't approve of graphic displays because children may see them... Well, what's more important - ending the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn babies or preventing one's children from seeing it?

But let's say a child does see the picture of a dismembered unborn baby - would any pro-life parent have a hard time explaining his child why does a baby look like that? Rosemary Connell is right, it's a lot easier than for a pro-abortion parent to claim that abortion is a "choice" and that the unborn is merely a "blob of tissue" even if it looks like a baby...

And another thing - speaking of things that are inappropriate for the children to see - here's a great rebuttal:
“Critics of the displays argue the images of aborted unborn children are too graphic to post in public settings.”
I wonder if these are the same people who okay the Pride Parades where naked people are running around frolicking in the streets?
Double standard???? To me it doesn’t seem appropriate for grown men to walk naked in front of innocent children’s eyes!
Well said! And what about all those gruesome TV shows and commercials that are a lot more likely to be viewed by children than the above mentioned graphic pictures? If it's ok for a child to see a horror movie commercial, (those usually come without warning and they are quite difficult to avoid,) how come a poster, depicting the consequences of what's being promoted as "choice" is inappropriate?

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Julie C said...

I think that when children see and comment on these photos, the adults need to be totally honest with themselves and admit that, if abortion is something they cannot explain to children, then abortion is something that no one should be tolerating.
The children are right when they ask why is such an act being done? Let the children see and ask, because then the adults will have to answer for their support for such actions.