Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally - Some Common Sense For A Change

After the Toronto "pride" funding scandal, the government has apparently decided not to make the same mistake again.
MONTREAL (CBC) - The fate of this years Divers/Cité festival in Montreal was up in the air on Wednesday after the federal government said it would not approve funding for the event.

Divers/Cité, Montreals gay pride arts festival, was counting on $155,000 in new funding from Ottawa.

In an email from Industry Canada, spokeswoman Christiane Fox said there are just too many worthwhile events to allow government funding for all of them.
$155,000 in new funding? Does it mean that those perverts already receive some government funding and they want $155,000 on top of what they blow every year? Well, if it won't be possible to implement a zero-base budgeting for the entire Federal government - how about trying it as a pilot project, for all those arts and multi-cult spending? That would warrant some 90% saving, if not 99.99%. And, judging from the recent CNews poll, slashing funds for art groups (especially when it comes to perverse art) is supported by nearly 3 out of 4 voters.

Not sure however if we can look forward for the government to slash most of the funding for art groups, but at least we can hope that in light of the recent scandal the government stands firm on its decision and doesn't backpedal in a pathetic attempt to "win back" Quebec and its arts community. After all - it's about time for Stephen Harper to realize that Quebec lefties won't trust his government, no matter how hard he tries. He might as well march in that parade himself - that won't increase his party's chances in Quebec. But it will certainly ruin the Conservative support everywhere else.

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