Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Human Rights" Commissions — A Supreme Religious Authority?!

An openly homosexual man has filed a "human rights" complaint against the church that chose not to have him as an altar server. He claims he was "discriminated" against and he demands as much as $265,000 - that's the price tag he puts on his hurt feelings.
PETERBOROUGH, ON, July 7, 2009 ( - Jim Corcoran ... has launched a human rights complaint against the Bishop of Peterborough Ontario for refusing him permission to continue to serve as an altar server.

Corcoran admits that he is homosexual and lives with another homosexual man, but says that he follows the Church's teaching and lives a chaste lifestyle. According to the Catholic Register, Bishop Nicola De Angelis asked Corcoran to accept his decision that he not serve on the altar based upon the bishops' desire to avoid public scandal.

Corcoran is seeking monetary damages of $25,000 from the bishop and $20,000 each from 12 parishioners who complained to the bishop about Corcoran and his roommate having been invited by the local priest to serve on the altar at Masses.
According to The Catholic Register, both sides "have opted for mediation". But who gave a quasi-judiciary institution like the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission the authority to rule on Catholic liturgy?

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