Saturday, July 25, 2009

Multiculturalism Or Ghettoization?

Apart from "more pavilions at Folkfest", Canadian multiculturalism has also brought with it self-contained ethnic enclaves, where people live their lives in voluntary isolation from the rest of the society.
Have a swing through the Greater Toronto Area and you will see multiple ethnic enclaves. Like some European and American cities, the GTA is dotted with different ethnic quarters.

If you call it diversity, that is fine. But what one sees is these ethnic groups have become self-contained communities. Their sheer numbers have obviated the need for any interaction -- economic, social and cultural -- with other ethnic groups.
As mentioned earlier, there are no compulsions for people in these ethnic enclaves to leave their comfort zones. In addition, the Canadian government has given them enough incentives to stay in their ghettos with a beautiful thing called multiculturalism.

This well-meaning policy may have been aimed at helping newcomers preserve their language, religious traditions and culture, but it seems to have served the opposite purpose.

Basically this policy says: Be the way you are, and stay in your ghetto. Bluntly speaking, it breeds isolation.
But then self-contained enclaves make great safe ridings for our "progressive" politicians. And perpetuating the community's social and economic problems by encouraging self-isolation ensures that the people in the community keep voting as they're told - under the threat of losing the dole if "their man" is defeated.

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