Saturday, July 4, 2009

Share The Pro-Life Message!

From Life Site News:
Wednesday is Canada Day and Saturday Independence Day.
Let us leave you with a thought for these two auspicious occasions. It comes from the preaching of a 38-year-old priest on Wednesday - Canada Day - on the subject of patriotism. "Who," he said, "do we honor as patriots but those who sacrifice themselves and even their blood to save the lives of their fellow Canadians?" "And therefore," he continued, "who are the true patriots today but those who sacrifice themselves to save the lives of their fellow Canadians - unborn Canadians."

There are 100,000 unborn Canadians killed every year, 1,000,000 unborn Americans killed every year. Let us be true patriots and fight for the lives of our fellow Canadians and Americans. Even if that means sacrificing our wealth, our reputation, our time, or even one day our very lives.

Stand tall this Canada Day and Independence Day dear pro-life Canadians and Americans. You are the true patriots.
From Island Breezes blog:
2,889,679 Canadians have been 'therapeutically' eliminated via abortion from 1970 - 2005. (Stats Can)

Share the Love. Make abortion your 'area of interest' and inform your MP. He needs to know you care whether Canadians live or die.
And let's not forget those who make a difference; those who lead by example:
Pro-life has many meanings and we often speak of it only relating to our opposition to abortion. But there is another side to pro-life, the side of women that help young mothers in trouble by raising their children and giving them a chance at a fulfilling life.

I have a friend that adopted a daughter about 5-6 years ago from Russia. I have not been in touch with him in about 3 years and ran into him this week and found out they have just adopted their third child from Russia. They have two children of their own, older than the adopted children. It seems they have found such love in rescuing these innocent children and providing them with a good life. I immediately thought of Theresa.

What greater love for life is there than giving of yourself in this way? Raising children is the hardest job I ever did. It's very rewarding but it's also very difficult and emotionally draining at times.

I just have to applaud Theresa and any other women here that go beyond posting on message boards about pro-life. Holding a sign at a street corner protesting abortion is admirable (and even sometimes dangerous) but doing something real about saving children is what angels are made of.
(Posted on Free Dominion)

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