Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carbon Dioxide Irrelevant In Climate Debate. No Statistically-Significant "Global Warming" For Almost 15 Years.

A few inconvenient facts for Earth-worshipers of all stripes:
Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT’s peer reviewed work states “we now know that the effect of CO2 on temperature is small, we know why it is small, and we know that it is having very little effect on the climate.”
The global surface temperature record, which we update and publish every month, has shown no statistically-significant “global warming” for almost 15 years. Statistically-significant global cooling has now persisted for very nearly eight years. Even a strong el Nino – expected in the coming months – will be unlikely to reverse the cooling trend.

More significantly, the ARGO bathythermographs deployed throughout the world’s oceans since 2003 show that the top 400 fathoms of the oceans, where it is agreed between all parties that at least 80% of all heat caused by manmade “global warming” must accumulate, have been cooling over the past six years. That now prolonged ocean cooling is fatal to the “official” theory that “global warming” will happen on anything other than a minute scale.
If for no other reason than this: the IPCC assumes that the concentration of CO2 in 2100 will be 836 ppmv (parts per million volume). However, current graphs based on real data show that CO2 concentrations will only be 570 ppmv in 2100, cutting the IPCC’s estimates in half right there.

Another nail in the coffin of Global Warming is the observed rate of temperature change from 1980, which is observed to be 1.5 degrees C per century. The IPCC modeling calls for a range of 2.4 to 5.3 degree increase per century, which is far above what is observed in real data collected between 1980 and 2009.
There are only a couple of conclusions to be made of this. Either the world has been misled by scientists working for the UN and IPCC due to faulty science, or faulty science has been deliberately used in a global scheme to generate tax revenues for the Governments instituting Cap and Trade Taxation policies.

Either way, the world has been the victim of some very bad science. The results of which can be seen in drastically reduced GDP in countries with the Cap and Trade laws in place, as well a a 5 - 10% decrease in standard of living for those citizens living there (Taxing Carbon designed to fail.), all with little or no effect on emissions globally.
I doubt that a mere scientific mistake would ever be allowed to go this far. So the only reasonable conclusion is that "global warming" alarmists are subverting science to achieve their own political and financial goals.
I accuse the United Nations environmental program in general and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in particular of creating a huge hoax, "global warming", in order to reduce energy use and to create a phony market for so-called "carbon credits," based on the lie that carbon dioxide plays a role in the alleged warming process.

The Earth is not warming. It is cooling. Meteorologists, climatologists, and solar physicists agree that it has been cooling for at least a decade and predict the cooling will continue for several decades to come.
I accuse the Environmental Protection Agency of falsely asserting that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant" that must be regulated when it is essential to all life on the planet. It is vital for all plant life and plays no role in climate change except to react to it.
And let's not forget all those radical enviro-fascist groups that cry foul over what they call "carbon footprint" of newborn babies, pushing for more abortions, contraception, euthanasia, sterilizations, and population control. They're not on Alan Caruba's list of those accused of using the "global warming" scare to their own advantage, but that's exactly where they belong.

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