Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monetary Reformers Unite Under CHP Banner

From the CHP e-mail Communiqué:
We are delighted to announce that the Leader of the Canadian Action Party of Canada, Dr. Andrew Moulden, has resigned his leadership position in order to give his full support to the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

CAP, founded in 1997 by Trudeau's former Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Paul Hellyer, included monetary reforms intended to prevent the kind of debt-fuelled economic collapse currently being experienced. The CHP also advocates a return to government-created money under the Bank of Canada as authorized by the Bank of Canada Act, rather than 98% bank-created money that we are currently using.

Dr. Moulden said, "I remain committed to serving our fellow citizens and country with a political organization that best reflects the interests of our country, fellow beings, and the Golden Rule..."

Dr. Moulden holds a PhD in Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology with a subspecialty in cognitive neuroscience. He said that he sees the CHP as "An effective vehicle for interested citizens to reclaim the values, nationhood, and voice they genuinely need and must have."

The CHP national team is delighted by this news. Dr. Moulden's leadership experience and training, both politically and professionally, will be a real asset to our party.

With the help of the many new faces arriving, CHP Canada continues its advance as a political voice in Canada.

Let's take a look at some of the great news over the past few months. In March of this year the head of Prayer Canada, Arne Bryan, asked his own membership of five thousand to put their full support behind CHP Canada. Two months ago Social Credit Party leader, Wayne Cook, asked all his members to join the CHP. In April of this year Frank Hilliard, President of Boundary Pistol Club in Grand Forks BC, resigned as a Director of the Southern Interior Conservative Party Association to put his full support behind CHP Canada.
(CHP Communiqué Vol 16, No 29 Aug 04, 2009)
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Now, this is an interesting phenomenon. Despite having some of the former Social Credit Party members on board, Canadian Action Party has never associated itself with the Social Conservatives. Yes, the CAP website did mention free votes on social issues at some point. But at the same time, the CAP officially supported the redefinition of marriage. Not to mention that the CAP founder and former leader Paul Hellyer was willing to merge his party with the NDP and the merger proposal was apparently supported by most of the CAP membership...

So how could this happen? What prevented Dr. Andrew Moulden from turning his own party into an effective vehicle for concerned citizens, forcing him to quit his leadership position and join the CHP? We can only guess. Maybe, Andrew was looking forward to change his party for the better, but was prevented from doing so by the party executives. Or, I won't be surprised if it turns out that Andrew is a Social Conservative or at least - a Social moderate who has realized that it's the social views that shape the party's fiscal policy, not the other way around... It's hard to say with so little information.

But it is possible to notice quite an interesting trend - Monetary Reformers are joining Social Conservatives under the CHP banner. First we saw Wayne Cook and his team abandoning their plans to recreate the Federal Social Credit party and choosing to join the CHP instead. Now, we have Dr. Andrew Moulden following them. If the trend continues, if the CHP succeeds in organizing a team of economists that come up with a fiscally sound alternative to the current debt-driven economy - that could help the CHP to shed its image as a "theocratic", "single-issue" party, to attract new voters and to achieve a much needed electoral breakthrough.

Update: Terry Le Blanc, former organizational chair for CAP, has been researching and documenting Dr. Moulden's background on his web site www.capmh.ca. The website contains documented evidence and testimonial from sources that, according to Terry Le Blanc, caused Dr. Moulden to leave CAP. Among them - an article from Dr. Carley who was going to testify at a National Executive meeting regarding Dr. Moulden's alleged theft of her intellectual property. Terry Le Blanc says that as soon as Dr. Moulden found out about this, he quit the party. (Which apparently had happened several weeks before Dr. Moulden joined the CHP.)

I can neither confirm nor disprove what Terry Le Blanc has posted on his website. It's a pity if Dr. Moulden's move turns out to be a mere attempt to avoid a scandal.

As for the original subject (Monetary reformers unite under the CHP banner) - we still have Wayne Cook and his Social Credit team, who have joined CHP for the policies - which include using the Bank of Canada to finance infrastructure projects. And we can still look forward for the CHP to unite the Social Conservatives and the Monetary Reformers under its banner.

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Jason said...

Hi Leonard,

The CHP national website is a little slow in getting updated, but this release has been posted on the CHP NB site at http://www.chpnb.ca/news.htm

It's an exciting time when social and fiscal conservatives can unite under one banner. Let's hope this trend continues!