Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vox Populi On Khadr

CTV headline reads "'Mean-spirited' government punishing Khadr" - a headline that's more suitable for a left-wing blog than for a media outlet with pretense for neutrality and nation-wide appeal. The lion share of the article is written from the position of Khadr's lawyer and his supporters, leaving little room for the other side. But what didn't make it to the article, could be found in the comments. And judging from the thumbs up those comments receive - that's what most Canadians agree with.
Amidst the chorus of left-wing weenies who wrongly believe that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should and must serve the interests of a young man who not only turned his back on his country but also fought against it and, in so doing, allegedly killed an allied soldier, our federal government is properly demonstrating its resolve.

When you, essentially, wage war in your "homeland" against your chosen country of citizenship, the standing moral code of civilized society suggests that you thereby forfeit the benefit of the protections inherently afforded by that country you embrace only for its ability to serve any treasonous ambitions you may have.

The foreign and American elements of this case, combined with the stated evaluation of the facts and circumstances surrounding Kadr's detention (as directed by the Obama Administration), give legitimate cause for our government to believe the entire matter belongs with the Americans, and that the Charter does not directly serve Khadr in this special case.
Prof. Pye Chartt
574 Thumbs up (76%)
177 Thumbs down (24%)

Honestly, can Canadians really afford to bring him back?

I mean really, just recently our government brought a woman back from Africa, where she was being held, no sooner did she touch down on Canadian soil, she launches a lawsuit against us for 2.5 MILLION dollars! Some kind of gratitude to your home country!

I can only IMAGINE the costs we will have to pay Khadr since he has been detained for seven years.
David Sawkiw [Saskatchewan farmer]
809 Thumbs up (73%)
301 Thumbs down (27%)

The unelected activist judges have ORDERED the government to act. I guess these imbeciles have just declared the votes of millions of Canadians null and void in favor of this despicable murderer. To all you brave souls fighting in Afghanistan, toss your rifles, come home. These unelected judges once again have proven beyond a reasonable doubt... this place isn't worth spilling your blood for. They care about Khadr, not you.
823 Thumbs up (62%)
515 Thumbs down (38%)
As much as the last comment may seem harsh - we all know what's going to happen should Khadr be brought back to Canada. (Just read the comment by Allan Meadows.) So even if it's hard to fully agree with 'Edb', one thing is certain: the brave men who fight terrorism overseas, have once again been back-stabbed by a bunch of bleeding-heart Liberals who dominate Canada's judiciary.

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