Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Official: White Guys Need Not Apply (For Refugee Status)

It's sad to see the government once again caving in to pressure from a foreign country and domestic "anti-racism" activists for whom racial discrimination against white people is not really a discrimination:
OTTAWA — The federal government is taking the rare step of appealing a ruling that granted asylum to a white South African who claimed his skin colour would put his life in danger if he returned to his home country.
If the ruling is allowed to stand, it will pose a threat to South Africa's pursuit of a "harmonious, non-racist society," said Abraham Sokhaya Nkomo, who is South Africa's top diplomat in Canada.
Nkomo had vowed to pursue all avenues in lobbying the Canadian government to appeal and he was meeting with Foreign Affairs officials Thursday when he learned that the decision would be challenged.
Too bad the government cares more about building a "harmonious, non-racist society" in a country that has recently elected a Mugabe-like radical as president, than about its own sovereignty, let alone - common sense.

Harmonious non-racist society in a country that dictates its businesses how many black employees and shareholders they must have? Yeah, right!
In Zimbabwe this took about twenty years and lead to the ethnic cleansing of the white population and the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy. (My kids have the 100 trillion dollar notes that the bright boys in Harare figured should buy a half dozen eggs.) In Zimbabwe there is no question at all that the land confiscations for political reasons were profoundly racial.

South Africa is not there…yet. But, when it is, do we admit South African, white, refugees?

Mr. Huntley is either showing foresight or he is a couple of years premature: either way appealing his decision is stupid and racist. He adduced evidence of feeling threatened. In case after case the Refugee Board has accepted such feeling as sufficient. There is no reason not to just because the man happens to be on the pinkish end of the human scale.
But at least, as Ian Robinson suggests, we've got an opportunity to discuss all the faults of our refugee determination system without being called racists. In the end this could result in a major overhaul of the IRB and related institutions... Or couldn't it?
Our refugee-granting system has long operated as a pork barrel reward for political hacks of various parties, governed by one essential philosophy: When the going gets tough, everybody comes to Canada.

In all of 2008, a mere 15 cases were reviewed by higher authority.

The system has long been broken but there has been little open outrage.

If you complain about any aspect of our immigration system, those on the political left, those guardians of political correctness devoted to virtually criminalizing debate, declare that the critic is a racist.

But when the broken system is manipulated for the benefit of one of those evil white guys -- from South Africa no less -- let the games begin.

So at least now we can talk about overhauling the refugee system so we're not being taken advantage of.

However, one suspects that in true, wimpy Canadian fashion, we won't perform an adequate overhaul.

We'll no doubt concentrate on this case as an aberration rather than a symbol of a generalized problem.

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