Thursday, September 24, 2009

Professional Complainer Investigated By CHRC For Hate Speech

It's hard to believe, but Richard Warman, a man who launched all but two "hate speech" complaints to the CHRC, is now on the receiving end:
Here is a copy of the CHRC's recent, four-page ruling confirming that they are proceeding with their investigation against Warman, despite his several objections.

As you can see, Warman tried to get the CHRC to back off by claiming, among other things, that his motivations were pure. But section 13 doesn't care what your intentions were -- or even if your comments were true. Warman knows that -- that's one of the reasons he loves that law, or did until now. And, hilariously, Warman whined to the CHRC that the complaint against him should be thrown out because it was embarrassing. Funny how that never occured to Warman when he was holding the section 13 stick in his own hands.
I can't believe I'm writing these words: the Canadian Human Rights Commission is proceeding with an investigation against Richard Warman for hate speech. The maximum disruptor is now about to be disrupted himself.
It's sure unbelievable. And it's quite tempting to teach this professional complainer a lesson. But here's the catch:
Question: note the date on this ruling, September 9th. That's a week after the tribunal declared section 13 was illegal. The CHRC is obviously still investigating section 13 cases, even though the law has been declared unconstitutional. How does Rob Nicholson, the Justice Minister, feel about his agency continuing to prosecute a law that has been declared illegal?
Shows what kind of establishment the CHRC is. So we better don't lower ourselves to their level and don't expect anything good to come out of such blatant disregard to the rule of law. I agree with the Blazing Cat Fur blogger - no matter how tempting it is to give Richard Warman a dose of his own medicine, it's not worth resurrecting the subsection 13(1). If Warman & Co have broken the law - they should be tried in a criminal court, where the defense of truth is accepted and the right to a fair trial is respected.

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