Wednesday, October 14, 2009

40 Days For Life in Fredericton: Real Love Does Not Take A Child’s Life

Abortionists can also be someone's family doctors. And their patients, those that were lucky to be born, may even consider them "caring":
One of the women spoke about how several of her friends use to have the abortionist at Morgentaler’s as a family doctor when she practised in Saint John. They remarked how “caring” she was. I’ve heard the same of two other former abortionists who were ob-gyns: people said they were “caring.” It’s amazing how otherwise caring people can have such huge blind spots. Abortionists think they’re doing the pregnant women a service. They just don’t seem to really see the innocent child whose life they take, nor the lifelong suffering they leave mothers with.

Real love does not take a child’s life. Sooner or later many abortionists seem to come to realize this. Spiritual blindness can be healed. We pray this to come to pass for our “Dr. R.” Lord, have mercy on her.
(From the New Brunswick Right to Life e-mail communique)
Then we also have those "doctors" who perform abortions at the Dumont hospital in Moncton and at the Chaleur hospital in Bathurst. They too are likely to be someone's family doctors; and their patients too may find them nice and caring - if they were lucky to be born, of course. Those in the womb - for them it's a different story. They may end up feeling the full extent of such "care". But those babies are voiceless.


Jason Liverpool said...

hmmm, so we should force women to carry unwanted children to term and then live in a household where they are unwanted? that doesn't sound like you care.

Leonard said...

The woman is always free to give her unwanted child up for adoption. That way:
1) the baby will live
2) he'll live in a household when he's wanted.
Isn't that a better option than killing the baby outright? Unlike abortion, adoption is the loving option.