Monday, October 19, 2009

Cumberland — Colchester — Musquodoboit Valley By-Election — A Letter To The Editor

Sent by to the Amherst Daily News by Neal Ford:
The voters of CCMV have been given a real opportunity in the upcoming by-election with the candidacy of Jim Hnatiuk of the Christian Heritage Party.

Jim Hnatiuk's election can be the most powerful message that any by-election has ever sent Canada since the 1989 by election in Alberta that sent Deborah Grey to parliament, which began a movement which swept an old corrupt party out of power and launched a new one which held the Liberal government in check for several years with sound criticism and advocacy of fiscally and socially responsible policies. the Voters in CCMV have the opportunity to send another message of renewal to Ottawa.

Sending a message to sitting governments is one thing, but, since Jim is also a resident of the riding, he will be more accountable to the voters Also, as the leader of a national party, he will keep local interests in the forefront, and also serve as a new voice in parliament, representing a point of view that is rarely heard in that august body: Traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and values. Three of the four parties sitting in Ottawa now adhere to a secular progressive agenda, while the Tories occasionally pay lip service to those values, but do not back it up with action. Jim's election would give all Canadians who share those values a voice.

The choices facing CCMV voters in this by election are: Voting for yet another Tory MP who will serve as a rubber stamp for the government's agenda, voting for a Liberal or New Democrat, who are already represented in parliament, to the point of redundancy or for Jim Hnatiuk who represents a view shared by many Canadians who do not have a voice in the House of Commons. By sending Jim Hnatiuk to Ottawa, the CHP can emerge as a voice for disenfranchised Canadians that can over the short term become a new conscience of Parliament, and work toward keeping the feet of party in power held to the fire.

I ask the voters of CCMV to step up for their meeting with destiny and lead the way!
Meanwhile, several policy videos have been added to the video gallery of Jim's campaign website. Check them out:

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