Friday, October 16, 2009

Green Party To Youth: Your Parents Are War-Mongering Money-Grabbing SUV-Driving Freaks That F****d Up The Planet

I couldn't believe that this wasn't some sort of a hoax. As it turns out - this is real; this actually comes from the Green party website. Just go to, click on the "Young Green" button (just to the right of main frame,) and the scandalous poster will be the first thing to appear. (At least - it was there as of 21:30 Atlantic time.)

That's how the Greens appeal to the young generation. And the problem is not so much with the swearword (after all, that's not much different than the "flick off" campaign, once run by the Ontario Liberals,) but that the party in fact tells youth to reject their parents - for the sake of "Mother Earth" and to follow The Party - which knows best.

And what about the party leader? Is Elizabeth May aware of this appalling slogan? According to the press release, she is, and she is very proud of the "Young Greens" team:
By Elizabeth May on 15 October 2009 - 6:18pm

I am proud of the youth active in the Young Greens. For that matter I am proud of youth engaged in any political party and in work in social movements --- whether Amnesty International, Engineers without Borders, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Sierra Youth Coalition, World Vision, Otesha, the list is long.
Obscenity is a subjective concept. Our culture is steeped in the F-word. John Baird used it on Toronto. (He did apologize). Trudeau may have said it, but it came out “fuddle duddle.” The Young Greens have used a version with asterisk inserted to make a point. To get more youth engaged. And what they are saying is fundamentally true. How many of us in the boomer generation can honestly dispute the fact that our generation has done an unacceptable amount of damage to this planet?

How should youth respond? Go to the mall? Do drugs? Party til the whole mess goes away? Or get active and engaged and call for meaningful engagement in the political process?

I am proud of them for choosing the latter.
Notice that this was published on October 15th - after the scandalous poster had been on the Grunenjugend "Young Greens" website for at least several days. Kate from Small Dead Animals, mentioned that Ms. May was "suddenly and uncharacteristically unavailable for media interviews" at that time. Well, as it turns out - she was available for the press release. And, judging from the press release, she doesn't see anything wrong with the campaign tactics used by the youth wing of her party. If anything - she's proud of it.

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