Wednesday, October 7, 2009

José Ruba's Presentation "Echoes of the Holocaust" Hosted By Choose Life McGill — Hijacked By Pro-Abort Jackboots

They couldn't (or didn't even want to) come up with a pro-abortion speaker to confront José Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform in an open debate. (Despite the plea from one of their own.) They failed in their attempt to coerce the campus pro-life club to cancel the event. Despite their censorship motion and the threats to permanently withhold all funds to Choose Life McGill, the pro-life presentation started as planned. And, apparently the pro-abortion jackboots from the "students' society" failed to convince their college-mates to boycott the presentation in large enough numbers. So they did exactly what their fellow pro-aborts in St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia had done back in February - they started screaming and chanting, drowning out the speaker, thus bringing the presentation to a halt:
Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform representative Jojo Ruba's presentation at McGill University, hosted by Choose Life McGill, was hijacked for over 2 hours tonight by pro-abortion protesters.

As the presentation got underway, about 20 protesters began shouting and singing children's songs. They then crowded around the vacant podium (Mr. Ruba having absconded) and continued signing for the better part of an hour, at which point police arrived. Two protesters were taken, but many were left behind. When the police left, protesters resumed and disrupted the presentation (which had fitfully resumed) until the two hour mark, at which point event organizers were informed by campus officials that time had run out and the room had to be closed for the night.

Protesters then filed out, along with most of the audience. A police officer showed up again, answering some questions for the campus media.
I said that before and I say it again - it's time for a law suit. Not a "human rights" complaint, (unlike our opponents we better show respect for the right to due process,) but a full-scale law suit. While Choose Life McGill should sue the "student's society" for discrimination and harassment, CCBR should sue the campuses (of both McGill and St Mary's) for lack of adequate security. Because, if a campus agrees to rent out premises for a presentation, it's their responsibilities to ensure that the presentation doesn't get hijacked by a bunch of loud-mouth thugs who reject the rules of a civilized debate.

There should have been a security guard to inform the protesters that unless they take their protest outside, they'll be responsible for whatever penalties the presenting group might demand for the breach of contract, along with legal fees and other expenses. This wasn't done; once again the campus officials chose to side with the thugs rather than with those who had the legal right to be on premises at that time. Therefore, the campus should pay the price.

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