Friday, October 2, 2009

Liberal Motion Defeated. Are They Done Yet?

A joke that's been repeated for almost a year, is no longer funny. Hopefully, now, once the Liberal motion is defeated, they finally stop trying to trigger an early vote (at least for a little while) and let the Parliament work for a change.

And, if they are so eager to test their strength in an election campaign - well, there's a series of by-elections coming. Some of those ridings have been vacant for months because it just wouldn't make sense to call a by-election when a general election could have been called at any moment. Now, with the election talk on hold (and the deadline for one of the by-elections approaching,) let's see how all those trends and opinion polls materialize into actual votes - even if it's just 4 ridings. If anything, the fact that the by-elections can't change the balance of power, will only encourage people to vote their conscience.

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