Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life Chain — Despite The Rain

Unlike so many previous years, it was raining on the first Sunday of October. Yet, despite the rain we had about 65 people coming (I stand corrected, 65 not 40) - which is a better turnout than what we had in some of the previous years, when the sun was shining, but fewer people were aware of the Life chain and fewer yet took their time to show up.

Life Chains were held today in over a thousand of cities across North America (in Canada alone there were more than 150 chains held) and, thanks to those who came, we were able to get the pro-life message out. As always, the people were quite supportive, we've received a lot more honks than thumbs down or angry yells. It was actually quite funny to see one of our opponents trying to get noticed by making duck sounds at us, as he drove by. Well, if our opponents can't find any other arguments - that means we're on the right track.

But seriously - what other arguments could they come up with? How could they disprove a self-evident fact that abortion stops a beating heart? Sure, not everyone likes to be reminded of that. And yet - we must break the silence. After all, even here in New Brunswick, about 1000 of those little hearts are brought to a halt by abortion every single year.

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