Thursday, November 12, 2009

Berlin Wall Still Standing — Around University Campuses

There, communist dictatorship didn't end in November of 1989:
The students of Young Americans for Liberty hosted a rally to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at noon today on the lawn outside the Ann W. Olin Women’s Building at Washington University.

The students set up a gulag complete with prisoners, guards and barb wire on the Wash U campus.

Students constructed a memorial to the victims of socialism as a stark reminder of the horrors of socialism, and of its victims.
YAL leader John Burns reported on the event today.
The university shut it down… It was too offensive.
Of course it was! Nobody wants to be reminded that his utopia didn't work in real life, so I can understand the frustration of those pinko commies who run the university campuses. Although I'm afraid that the Young Americans for Liberty are celebrating way too early. Once the recently ratified Lisbon treaty takes effect, many Germans will notice that DDR is back and that it now covers all of Berlin and all of Germany.

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I Know Things said...

friggin commis sicken me, why is their fucked up 'morality' the politically correct one?
I've been trying to work out lately how could suck a bankrupt false morality be the PC one? what happened to conservative values?!
why is it "correct" not to profile the guy who shot the Fort Hood soldiers as what he is - a muslim terrorist!?
well i'm putting a stop to such politics if this is what they call "correct".