Monday, May 31, 2010

Pro-Life Heroine Linda Gibbons — 500 Days Behind Bars & Counting

What kind of violent crime one would have to commit to be sentenced to 1.5 years in prison? Linda Gibbons spent all that time behind bars for merely trying to speak to women outside of an abortion clinic:
TORONTO, Ontario, May 31, 2010 ( - Pro-life prisoner of conscience and grandmother, Linda Gibbons, has served nearly 500 consecutive days in prison during the latest of her many lengthy imprisonments of the past fifteen years. Arrested for peaceful attempts to speak to women considering abortion in front of Toronto's Scott abortion facility, her next court date is set for June 2nd. Gibbons' biographer Gordon Truscott is organizing a peaceful protest Wednesday to show support for Linda outside the court house where her case will be heard.

Rather than confronting women entering the facility, Linda tries to talk to them on the sidewalk. But the abortion centre's employees have repeatedly called police to remove her - in order to protect their "economic interests," says Truscott - causing Linda to spend more than a total of seven years in prison since September 1994. (see Linda's earlier arrest history)
Truscott visited Linda on May 25, 2010. "She wants to go and visit her elderly mother," he said, "but because of the delayed court date is prevented from doing so." Truscott is worried that the strain of prison has taken a considerable toll on Linda. He discovered that Linda's health had been neglected; she had a cold for three months before seeing a doctor.

Truscott is organizing the protest to "expose this flagrant breach of justice" and hopefully ensure a date for Linda's release. The demonstration will be an all-day event, not to protest abortion, says Truscott, "but to pray peacefully for the protection of all such innocent people subject to injustice by the state."

Truscott is encouraging signs with wordings such as "Let Grandma Go Free", "Grandma Wrongly Charged", "Grandma Denied Justice", "We Love Grandma", "Why Hurt Grandma?" and "Attorney General Should Resign."

The protest will be held on Wednesday, June 2nd at 8 a.m. at Yonge and College streets in downtown Toronto.

To contact Gordon Truscott
Overall Linda has spent about 7 years in jail for violating "temporary" injunction that outlaws any kind of protests within 60 feet of an abortion clinic - including peaceful prayer and sidewalk counseling. Apparently, those pro-abort thugs that run the law enforcement in Ontario just can't find another way to satisfy their desire for vengeance.

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