Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Great To Have A Sense Of Humor (or "Peace Activists Cum In Sheep")

Here's a smart response to all those pro-terrorist anti-Israeli protests. A few guys with a sense of humor came to a leftie protest in Tel-Aviv with their own mock signs, such as "We believe in blah-blah-blah", "We'll make the world abandon reason", "We'll stab for peace"... It took quite a while for the people around them to realize what they were being laughed at. When they finally did - the counter-protesters were escorted out by the police. Most mainstream media outlets that reported on the protest, have removed those photos from their websites. But the pictures are still available on blogs. Check out the blog report of one of the guys who participated in the mock protest. The pictures are just hilarious :) And so are the observations:
People around us started looking back, reading our signs. Some were having a brain fart, didn't get the meaning of this, so they were joyfully taking our pictures. Others got it and were trying to go polemic. I was approached by some American activist (apparently one of those who come here during school breaks to protest against the Zionists). At first he was patient and interested, questioning me why do we carry those signs, why do we make a circus out of this, why don't we take things seriously. Eventually he started yelling that I ought to shave my head and that I probably feel superior to others because of my race, skin color and gender. I congratulated him for being able to read all that from the "blah blah blah" sign and apparently he forgot that he was in Israel, and I just kept trolling him furiously until he burst in screams.
Translating Russian language signs:
Top picture: "Facts? We don't give ... about facts!", "Peace? Da!" (Pronounced together sounds like a Russian swearword; also - mocking the known Israeli pissnik movement "peace now".) Further down: "Rachel Corrie - a human and a freighter" (Allusion to an often-mocked Soviet poem by Mayakovsky.)
Here are a few more pictures.

Finally - check out this funny song. No, it has nothing to do with the mock protest, but it has a lot to do with all those piss activists that cum in sheep :)

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