Thursday, July 15, 2010

If It Was Possible To Stop The "Big Tobacco"...

Then, experts say, it should be possible to defeat the porn industry.
Fifty years ago, the United States had a culture where “lighting up” was pervasive and glorified on the silver screen by stars like Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra or Grace Kelly. Today, smoking largely has a social stigma thanks to aggressive anti-smoking efforts that led to strict anti-smoking laws, such that smokers can barely find a restaurant or bar that will let them have a cigarette with a coffee or beer.

“So we are going to expect that what we did with cigarettes, we can do with pornography,” explained Layden.

The first step in the fight against porn, Layden explained, is to get clinicians and doctors to start saying publically and loudly that pornography is a problem that is destructive, just as they began saying years ago that “our patients appear to be dying from cigarettes.”

The second step is to get reporters and researchers to write articles explaining what the clinicians are saying about the harm caused by pornography.
And hopefully, a similar strategy could help us defeat the abortion mafia otherwise known as "planned parenthood".

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