Monday, July 5, 2010

Who Is The One Who Should "Unlearn"?

Homosexual lobby wants people who object to homosexual lifestyle to "unlearn" their values. They even designed a T-shirt with the very same slogan - "unlearn".
...The Ontario Government under Dalton McGuinty, Leona Dombrowsky, the current Minister of Education, and Chris D’Souza’s aggressive homosexualist lobby advocates from AMENO and Harmony know what’s best for Ontario families and our children! If you have a problem with your “heterosexist” and “homophobic” views, using the vernacular of the “Equity” revolutionaries, they will be more than happy to “unlearn” you - a nifty t-shirt slogan often seen on D’Souza, during his hundreds of seminars and workshops presented to school boards, Catholic included, across Ontario.
Except - maybe it's them who should follow their own slogan? Maybe, instead of forcing other people to unlearn common sense and time-tested values and traditions, it should be them unlearning their unnatural, unhealthy and immoral lifestyle?

Here's a video monologue of Adam Hood, a man who used to be homosexual, but who actually quit homosexual lifestyle and returned to the straight path. His story is yet another proof that homosexual "orientation" is not in-born, but acquired and - that it is possible to leave this kind of lifestyle and start a family. Obviously, quitting homosexual lifestyle may not be easy. But "not so easy" doesn't mean "impossible".
So who is the one who should "unlearn"?

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