Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Does The Left Support Apartheid-Style Hiring Policies?

Why would the Liberals and the NDP support race-based hiring? Why would they condemn the move to end an outright ban on hiring white Canadians (women as well as men) for certain government jobs?
OTTAWA - The Liberals and NDP are condemning a move by the Tories to end government hiring practices that block some people from applying for jobs based on race.

Treasury Board president Stockwell Day says no Canadian should be blocked from getting a job based on their ethnicity, but the Liberals say the Tories are just trying to meddle with the public service.

Earlier this week, QMI Agency published a story about an Ottawa area woman who was shocked to learn she was barred from applying for a job because she is white. The job with Citizenship and Immigration Canada was only open to aboriginal Canadians. The Harper government says it supports affirmative action but not blocking people from applying for jobs based on their ethnic background.
As we can see, nobody is talking about ending so called "affirmative actions" altogether and moving to 100% merit-based hiring. Don't expect the discriminatory "employment equity" questionnaire to disappear, not to mention any amendments to the section 15.2 of the Charter. We're talking about merely ending the most atrocious injustices. Yet, for the Liberals and the NDP, even that seems to be "too right-wing".
“They don't understand why having a representative public service is important,” said Ignatieff spokesman Michael O’Shaugnessy. “But most important, they are trying to change the channel. They are throwing some red meat at their most right-wing supporters.” The NDP’s Pat Martin blasted the move as a sop to “the fundamentalist, neo-conservative, right wing.” Once informed there are jobs that are only offered to certain races, Martin said that was wrong but later changed his mind again.

“Sometimes the pendulum has to swing too far in the other direction,” said Martin, who says aboriginals and visible minorities need extra help in getting jobs with the federal government.
In other words - there's nothing wrong with discriminating against those alleged to have discriminated in the past; even if the pendulum "swings too far in the other direction" - that's still fine; two wrongs make a right, don't they? So far, as I see, two wrongs tend to make a left.

But it would be naive to assume that leftists merely want to "right the wrongs". Blazing Cat Fur suggests that their motivation rests solely with ethnic vote whoring. But, judging from some journalists' own words, there is a reason to believe, that some personal likes and dislikes are involved as well:
Treasury Board President Stockwell Day came forward today and said no Canadian should be denied hiring based on race. It's a contention that has drawn ridiculous and uninformed skepticism from the Toronto Star's Susan Delacourt, who wrote on her Twitter today that the news is great for "downtrodden old white guys."

Another win for downtrodden old white guys. RT @CdnPress_Ott: Tories to review affirmative action hiring #cdnpoli

Obviously Ms. Delacourt doesn't read the news very often, or very deeply. The very same story she cites notes that women actually make up 54.7 per cent of the federal workforce and that more aboriginals and visible minorities are working there this year than last.

She also DIDN'T read the story published by Brian Lilley at Sun Media earlier this week showing that a WOMAN had been denied the chance to apply for a job at Citizenship and Immigration Canada because SHE was not aboriginal!
Ms. Delacourt sure dislikes those "downtrodden old white guys", if she didn't even bother to read the story which sparked the controversy. Scratch a lefty and if it's not a minority nationalist or a special-interest group functionary, then it's a self-hating bleeding-heart Liberal who is eager to "repent" the imaginary sins of the previous generations, those "old white guys". Hopefully, when the next election comes, there will be a lot more voters willing to do the scratching.


Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

I like how they would rather have foreigners working in the immigration department than actual Canadians.

In some countries you have to wait to see if anyone qualifies for the job before foreigners can even apply.

Here with a recession pat martin is saying screw you to the working classes.

Today's NDP.

There are more women in the civil service than their representation in the work force time to end the racism.


Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Pat Martin thought nothing of him taking a job out from a black woman just people in the federal service shouldn't be allowed to do what he did.

Just think all his voters voted against affirmative action.