Friday, August 27, 2010

On Ideology And Mediocrity In Government Schools

Even if this research about the role of the government schools in destroying Christianity sounds to you like some crazy conspiracy theory - there's no doubt about the tendency of public schools to encourage mediocrity, quashing individuality and success.
Tim Bloedow weighs in on public schools, giving some examples of their approach to students that do better than others and - giving a brief overview of the typical outcome of such "education", including the growing number of young adults who don't really act as ones. (As someone who deals closely with my workplace's attendance records, who's witnessed some co-workers not only skipping work without prior notice, but asking their parents to talk to a supervisor on their behalf, I can confirm that the phenomenon is widespread.)

In conclusion - check out this essay on whether the state even has the right to regulate the education of our children. It explains, how all the regulations turn out to be about control and showing who is the boss, rather than about merely setting the academic standards.

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